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Love Light Romania; Winter Food Parcel Distribution The dedicated team at Love Light Romania have started this years winter food parcel distribution. Without these food parcels, the children and their families would starve or the children would have to go out into the streets and beg. They need your donations to be able to continue. screen-shot-2016-11-17-at-19-29-28screen-shot-2016-11-17-at-19-30-22screen-shot-2016-11-17-at-19-31-28screen-shot-2016-11-17-at-19-31-53

Asociatia Catharsis; Registered Adoption Agency

screen-shot-2016-11-07-at-8-14-45-amScreen shot 2016-03-04 at 2.54.56 PM

Azota Popescu, Founder and Director of Asociatia Catharsis, has worked tirelessly over the last twenty years to provide day-respite services to the blind and visually impaired and to advocate for better services for the disabled people in her community. She has also worked tirelessly to advocate for the rights of Romania’s 60,000 abandoned, institutionalised children. In line with the governments recent policy changes to domestic adoptions and their campaign; ” A Family For Every Child” , which aims to have no children living in institutions in Romania by 2020, Asociatia Catharsis are now are Registered Adoption Agency and, in accordance with government legislation, are able to provide the following essential services.
Catharsis Association Brasov, Romania and private body public interest
Reautorizată is to carry out activities and services in the field of domestic adoption as follows:
Activities for families who want to adopt a baby:
– informing families / individuals expressing their intention to adopt, documentation required to, and the domestic adoption procedures;
– preparing for adopters informed parental role;
– information and counseling adopters on the necessary legal steps disclosure, under the law, natural identity baby’s parents and, where appropriate, necessary contact or biological relatives by child;
– family or adoptatorului assessment in order to obtain adoptatoare attestation / family person to adopt one or more children.
Activities for children who have been or will be adopted:
Specialist Nurse for that child has not been able to identify a suitable adoptatoare family, where the adoption of the child adoption failed or stopped;
– drawing material information addressed to children on procedures, and the effects of adoption;
– Adoptatului and preparation advice for achieving its contacts with parents and / or natural biological relatives;
Natural activities for parents and extended family of children who have been or will be adopted:
– insurance expert assistance the adoption termination;
– advising and training natural parents and / or biological relatives for achieving contacts with adopted.
Adoption: post activities
– information and advice for parents and children;
– organising courses for parental capacity development;
– formation of groups for parents and children;
– supporting adopters to inform the child about adoption;
– advice on revealing adoptatului parents identity / natural biological relatives;
– advice and preparation adoptatului / parents / natural biological relatives to contact.
Adoption services internal
– information and promote domestic adoption awareness in order to / beneficiaries and needs increased domestic adoption by organising meetings, conferences, communications, media campaigns, editing of publications.

Asociația Catharsis Braşov, organism privat român şi de utilitate publică,
este reautorizată pentru a desfăşura activități și servicii în domeniul adopției interne, după cum urmează:

Activităţi destinate familiilor care doresc să adopte un copil:
– informarea familiilor/persoanelor care își exprimă intenția de a adopta, cu privire la documentația necesară, la demersurile și la durata procedurilor adopției interne; 
– pregătirea adoptatorilor pentru asumarea în cunoștință de cauză a rolului de părinte;
– informarea si consilierea adoptatorilor cu privire la demersurile legale necesare dezvăluirii, în condițiile legii, a identități părinților firești ai copilului și, după caz, necesare contactării acestora sau a rudelor biologice de către copil;
– evaluarea adoptatorului sau familiei adoptatoare în vederea obținerii Atestatului de persoană/familie aptă să adopte unul sau mai mulți copii.

Activități destinate copiilor care au fost sau urmează să fie adoptați:
-asistenta de specialitate a copilului pentru care nu s-a putut identifica o familie adoptatoare potrivita, în cazul în care demersurile de adopție ale copilului au eșuat sau adopția a încetat;
-întocmirea unor materiale de informare adresate copiilor cu privire la procedurile, demersurile și efectele adopției;
-consilierea și pregătirea adoptatului pentru realizarea contactelor acestuia cu părinții firești și/sau rudele biologice;

Activități destinate părinților firești și familiei extinse a copiilor care au fost sau urmează să fie adoptați:
– asigurarea de asistență de specialitate în situația încetării adopției;
– consilierea și pregătirea părinților firești și/sau a rudelor biologice pentru realizarea contactelor cu adoptatul.

Activități post adopție:
– informare și consiliere pentru părinți și copii;
-organizarea unor cursuri pentru dezvoltarea capacităților parentale;
– constituirea de grupuri de suport pentru părinți și copii;
– sprijinirea adoptatorilor în vederea informării copilului cu privire la adopția sa;
– consilierea adoptatului în vederea dezvăluirii identității părinților firești/rudelor biologice;
– consilierea și pregătirea adoptatului/părinților firești/rudelor biologice în vederea contactării.

Servicii în domeniul adopției interne
– informarea si promovarea adopției interne, în scopul conștientizării problematicii/nevoilor beneficiarilor și creșterii numărului adopțiilor interne, prin organizarea unor întâlniri, conferințe, comunicări, campanii de mediatizare, editare de publicații.

Azota Popescu; Founder and President of Association Catharsis, Brasov, Romania.
Phone/Fax: 0040 268 324888
Mobile: +40.722.295.282
Address: Braşov, 16th Toamnei St.,
Romania, Postal code: 500223

The Promise I Kept; A True Story

Be Careful What You Read.

Long before I had put pen to paper to write ” The Promise I Kept”, I once recommended to a friend that he read several books of a metaphysical nature. Sadly, he was not open to the idea of having his narrow religious views challenged and told me to, ” Be careful what you read”. The Promise I Kept is not an overtly religious book, but I would like to suggest that you be careful if you are going to read it. It might change your life or the life of an orphan.

Cover of The Promise I Kept

Cover of The Promise I Kept

” The Promise I Kept” is a powerfully and vividly written story”,

said Tony Tingle, editor at Memoirs Publishing in the U.K.


Review by Colby Pearce, Principal Clinical Psychologist at Secure Start and author:

I recently finished, The Promise I Kept, Adele Rickerby’s memoir about the personal journey that led her to adopting a child from a Romanian orphanage in the aftermath of the downfall of the Ceausescu regime. It is a well-crafted story that is accessible to most readers and can be read cover to cover in two-three hours. People will take out of the story different things, depending on their own life journey and interests. I found the insight into the inner world of the mother and evocative descriptions of the characters and places she experienced along the way most satisfying. I am happy to recommend it to the many who are fascinated by personal memoirs and accounts concerning adoption.

 A Burning Desire June 1, 2014
Adele Rickerby’s, The Promise I Kept, is a superb story of what the can be accomplished when one sets a goal and has the burning desire to carry one through the innumerable obstacles. Due to certain health issues, she is not able again to conceive another child. But her desire to be mother again does not die and she decides to pursue the adoption process.
Adele’s story of wanting to be mother again, despite all the immediate roadblocks that were presented to her in Australia, should had been enough to discouraged anybody from trying, but the burning desire inside her, carried her far away from the borders of this country to a land that just having been freed of a despotic ruler and was trying to find itself. Among all this chaos Adele is there, going through every and other hurdle that comes along in this journey, from mindless and corrupt bureaucracies, inhumane proposals, and much more, she is finally able to come back home with her new daughter.
This is just another great example of what the mind can conceive, it can achieve.Show Less
 Good story! January 5, 2014
An interesting story about a courageous women who singlehandedly travel on the other side of the world and struggle through a bureaucratic maze to finally achieve her dream to adopt a child. A must read for anybody who contemplate adopting a child oversea!
 You read this from cover to cover November 27, 2013

A very interesting wee read about a young woman on a mission to the eastern block, to adopt a child. If we cast our mind back to that era it was certainly was a troubled time both politically and socially in the ‘block’. Between being thrown off trains because of her New Zealand citizenship, and not able to speak the language, she faced and conquered many problems and challenges with patience and doggedness . The corrupt ‘officialdoms’ backstreets and dangers are compensated by the sheer generosity of strangers. All these faced by a smallish woman with the burning desire for another child, despite a failing marriage at home. A very compelling read.

Mark JohnstonShow Less

  1. A must read book for those of us who adopted from Romania, or anywhere. It’s about a mother’s perseverance and how she found conditions and the baby she adopted. It’s about hope and what happened in Romania post-Ceausescu. It is haunting and if you were in the same position, would you be brave enough to just go with your gut and do what is right for the sake of a child?

Love Light Romania

Screen shot 2016-02-15 at 10.20.48 AM

During the winter, Love Light Romania distributed vegetables to the Roma community so that the children wouldn’t starve or have to beg. This is just one of the many projects that Love Light Romania’s founder, Jo Jowett has established. Fifteen years ago, they rescued some children from a notorious orphanage. Now young adults, and, like the Roma children Jo helps, are given opportunities to go to school and learn new skills to break the cycle of poverty and poor cultural self-image inflicted on them.

Jo and her husband, Ron have a guest house where you can stay and volunteer to help in the various projects and or tour the beautiful countryside.


Albesti Roma children living in dump.Making soup.



Breaking the Cycle

Narrated by Miriam Margolyes this film looks at the progress of the Jacodu Children’s Project from its launch in September 2010.

HIV/AIDS Support

Love Light Romania is dedicated to providing support services to children, teenagers & families affected by HIV/AIDS.

End of Life Care

We believe that everyone has the right to die with dignity, where they can access medication and not be alone.

Tackling Poverty

Understanding poor family communities, instead of judging them, helps us to stop cycles of poverty in future generations.

Where we work

We have been working in the area of Transylvania, since 2000. We have projects in Mediaș, Sighişoara and Târgu Mureș.


Love Light Romania relies solely on private gifts and donations for its projects to continue, expand and launch of new programs. All sponsorship goes directly to the project and not on the salaries of directors. Please help us by making a donation, act now to make a difference by clicking the link on the right. You can make a single donation or setup a monthly standing order. Thank you for your support.

Latest Multimedia

Revisiting Cernavoda

Between 1997 and 2000, Ron and Jo Jowett would spend their winters and summers in Romania with the children of Cernavodă Orphanage.

Breaking the Cycle

Narrated by Miriam Margolyes this film looks at the progress of the Jacodu Children’s Project from its launch in September 2010.

Christmas Film 2013

The children of The Sanctuary and those from the Jacodu Children’s Project work together to provide hope for the children in the poor community of Albest.

World AIDS Day 2013

Jo Jowett of Love Light Romania reflects upon the lives of those who have lost their fight to AIDS and also those who are still fighting against the disease.

Education Program – Next Stage

A short film highlighting the progress of the Education Program and information for the next stage of its development.

Summer Activity Program

This film follows the progress of the children from the Jacodu Children’s Project and their experiences on the Summer Activity Program.

A Year in Memories

A short montage film of memories, people and the projects over the last year at Love Light Romania.

Jacodu Education Project

A film which looks at the progress being made on the Education Program which is part of the Jacodu Children’s Project.
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Our Target Group

  • HIV/AIDS Support

    Love Light Romania is dedicated to providing support services to children, teenagers & families affected by HIV/AIDS in Romania. With a policy that says you are not dying of AIDS but living a healthy & productive life with HIV.
  • Poverty

  • Respite Care/End of Life Care

Latest Love Light News


  • Since the formation of Love Light Romania many children now have a quality of life they must never have envisaged. While I stayed with them it was great to see them so happy and for those who were not so well the care and attention they got was amazing. Every penny raised for Love Light helps the disadvantaged in so many ways through their various projects. It is a privilege to be able to help them and may God bless them in all they do.

    Audrey Pegrum MBE, Teddies For Tragedies
  • Living Well Church is delighted to be connected with the work of Love Light Romania. We have been involved since 2008 and it forms a significant part of our mission activity as a church. We have raised money and have also had the opportunity to travel to Romania and provide hands on support. The work carried out by Love Light is really important and carries a Christian ethos. We look forward to being involved and partnering with them for many years to come.

    Marcus Abbott, Pastor, Living Well Church
  • For anyone who has ever loved a child, you will be moved by the extraordinary work of Love Light Romania. It has given these children love and hope, when they were faced with loneliness and despair. If you are lucky enough to see the work of Love Light Romania, it will make an impression on you that will last a lifetime.

    Robin Nydes, F.R.O.D.O.
  • Recently we made a visit to the project at Jacodu and on the way back we stopped at the homes of the families who use it. It made me realise the massive difference Love Light Romania make to people living in desperate poverty, who would otherwise remain forgotten and excluded from society. Love Light Romania knows that helping the children gain confidence and skills through education can be a first step towards breaking the cycle of poverty which traps them.

    Ed Gifford
  • For anyone who has ever loved a child, you will be moved by the extraordinary work of Love Light Romania. It has given these children love and hope, when they were faced with loneliness and despair. If you are lucky enough to see the work of Love Light Romania, it will make an impression on you that will last a lifetime.
    Robin Nydes, F.R.O.D.O.
  •       Mission Statement


Screen shot 2016-02-25 at 10.16.17 AMScreen shot 2016-02-25 at 10.17.05 AM

About Firm Foundations Romania…   Sarah  was born in Boston, raised in California. She moved to Romania thirteen years ago, where she was led by God to establish a not for profit organisation; Firm Foundations Romania. Screen shot 2016-02-25 at 10.15.42 AMSarah’s organisation has grown over the years, beyond her original vision, as her team at Firm Foundations has supported and educated Roma children, and run an international volunteer program. Volunteers from around the world can spend time at the baby hospital in Brasov, holding babies, thereby providing them with much needed love and comfort.

This is Sarah’s passion today. To make a difference in a person’s heart through Christ’s love for them. God has gifted Sarah with the ability to write and perform beautiful music, which today reflects her life and those whom she  serves. Sarah’s music is being distributed in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. This year, she recorded in Nashville with Russ Long. Sarah is  living out her passion to help humanity and inspire lives through her inspirational music.  Sarah is grateful to God for His calling on her life.

Sarah Vienna.

Screen shot 2016-02-25 at 11.00.46 AM


FFR is a non profit organization whose mission is to follow Christ’s instruction to assist widows and orphans in their trouble. Our purpose is to provide aid in a practical way to the abandoned children of the Brasov Children’s Hospital and the Roma community.

Our focus is loving the unloved and providing educational opportunities to the forgotten youth of this country. Our goal is for future generations to have a better quality of life; our hope, that they would then be influenced to serve others and be an example for the people of Romania.

*We have parental permission for all photographs of children used on this site.

Sarah Vienna
Firm Foundations Romania / President


The Hospital Project


   Volunteer With Us

Ways to Help


It all started with one bag of diapers… Sarah and Steffi (President and Vice President of FFR) remember the first day they walked into the Brasov Children’s Hospital and saw children wrapped in seven layers of rags lying in their own feces and urine. The stench was terrible, and the children looked desolate.

They started to bring in diapers that were bought with their personal money and asked the nurses if they could help change the children. Relationships and trust were built with the nurses and the social worker as they continued bringing in more and more diapers. Thus the hospital project started.

Click here for more information.

Children are still being abandoned and neglected in Romania due to a myriad of social issues. Firm Foundations Romania has started an international volunteer program to hold, feed, change and care for these children in the local Children’s Hospital, where we have formed a partnership which enables us to run the project.

Our volunteers change over 4000 diapers a month which we supply. Our volunteers come from all around the world, uniting hearts for the plight of Romania’s youth. It is time to make a difference.

Apply Now

There are many ways in which you can help. We are always seeking volunteers, both short term and long term to serve with our various projects.

We are in need of donations such as clothing, hygiene products, school and craft supplies. At present we are seeking financial sponsorship of numerous projects, including diapers for the Hospital Project as well as sponsorship of our After School Program.

 ” I will strengthen you and help you. I will uphold you with my righteous right hand ” Isaiah 41:10

God’s Original Romanian Protestor

screen-shot-2016-12-20-at-16-12-32Pastor Richard Wurmbrand and his wife, Sabina, led lives of meaning and purpose serving the persecuted church in Romania.

They left a legacy- The Voice Of The Martyrs.

The Story of Richard and Sabina Wurmbrand

Many people called him ‘the Voice of the Underground Church’ and others referred to him as ‘the Iron Curtain St Paul.’ This humble man, who began the ministry of Voice of the Martyrs, was the Rev Richard Wurmbrand, who passed away 17 February 2001.

Richard’s life was a partnership with the equally amazing Sabina who he married on 26 October 1936. Richard Wurmbrand was born the youngest of four boys in a Jewish family, on 24 March 1909, in Bucharest, Romania. Gifted intellectually and fluent in nine languages, Richard was active in leftist politics and worked as a stockbroker. After their marriage, Richard and Sabina were converted to Christ in 1938, chiefly by the influence of a German carpenter, Mr Wolfkes. They joined the Anglican Mission to the Jews in Bucharest. Richard was ordained firstly as an Anglican, and then after World War II, as a Lutheran minister.

During WW II, Richard and Sabina saw an opportunity for evangelism among the occupying German forces. They also preached in the bomb shelters and rescued Jewish children out of the ghettos. Richard and Sabina were repeatedly arrested and beaten and at least once, were nearly executed. Sabina lost her Jewish family in Nazi concentration camps.

In 1945 Romanian Communists seized power and a million ‘invited’ Russian troops poured into the country. Pastor Wurmbrand ministered to his oppressed countrymen and engaged in bold evangelism to the Russian soldiers. In the same year, Richard and Sabina Wurmbrand attended the Congress of Cults organised by the Romanian Communist government. Many religious leaders came forward to praise Communism and to swear loyalty to the new regime. Sabina said, “Richard, stand up and wash away this shame from the face of Christ.”

Richard warned, “If I do so, you lose your husband.” She replied, “I don’t wish to have a coward as a husband.” Thus Richard declared to the 4,000 delegates, whose speeches were broadcast to the whole nation, that their duty is to glorify God and Christ alone. Between 1945 and 1947, Richard distributed one million Gospels to Russian troops, the books often disguised as Communist propaganda. Richard also smuggled Gospels into Russia. On 30 December 1947, the Peoples’ Republic of Romania was proclaimed.

Richard Wurmbrand Kidnapped

On 29 February 1948, the secret police arrested Richard while on his way to church and took him to their headquarters. He was locked in a solitary cell and assigned as ‘Prisoner Number 1’.

In 1950, his wife Sabina was also imprisoned. She was forced to serve as a labourer on the Danube Canal project, leaving their nine-year-old son Mihai alone and homeless. Following her release in 1953, the Romanian authorities informed her that Richard had died in prison. A doctor masquerading as a Communist Party member discovered Richard alive in prison.

In a general amnesty, Richard was released in 1956 after serving eight-and-a-half years in prison. He was warned never to preach again. While in prison, he went through horrific tortures at the hands of the brutal secret police. Despite the treatments and the warnings he received from his persecutors, after his release Richard soon resumed his work with the ‘underground’ churches. He was re-arrested in 1959 through the conspiracy of an associate, and sentenced to 25 years. He was accused of preaching contrary to Communist doctrine.

Due to increased political pressure from Western countries, Richard was granted another amnesty and released in 1964. In December 1965, the Norwegian Mission to the Jews and the Hebrew Christian Alliance paid $10,000 in ransom to the Communist government to allow the Wurmbrand family to leave Romania. Reluctant to leave Romania, other underground church leaders convinced him to leave and become a ‘voice’ for the underground church to the world. Richard, Sabina, and their son Mihai left Romania for Norway and then travelled on to England.

The Birth of a Unique Ministry

Richard began his ministry of being a voice for persecuted Christians in England with Rev Stuart Harris, where he also wrote his testimony of persecution, Tortured for Christ. Later Richard moved on to the United States, and in 1965 he appeared before a US Senate Internal Security Subcommittee, where he stripped to the waist and revealed eighteen deep torture wounds on his body.

His story spread rapidly, leading to wider speaking engagements. In 1967, the Wurmbrands officially began a ministry committed to serving the persecuted church, called Jesus to the Communist World (later called Voice of the Martyrs). In the same year, Richard released his book, Tortured for Christ. In October, the first monthly issue of The Voice of the Martyrs newsletter was published in the USA.

By the mid-1980s his work was established in 80 restricted nations with offices in 30 countries around the world. In 1990, after the fall of Nicolae Ceausescu in December 1989, Richard and Sabina returned to Romania after 25 years in exile, and were warmly received. A printing facility and bookstore were opened in Bucharest and the officials of the city offered storage below the palace of Ceausescu, the very site where Richard was held in solitary confinement.

Richard retired from the day to day work of Voice of the Martyrs in 1992, but continued as a consultant and member of the Board of Directors, showing a keen interest in the work until his death. During his ministry, Richard wrote 18 books in English, others in Romanian, which have been translated into 38 languages. His most well known book is Tortured for Christ. He received numerous honours and citations for his work during his lifetime.

Richard will be remembered with great affection as an outstanding man of God, passionate for the cause of Christ, powerful in evangelism, persevering in suffering, for the sake of Jesus whom he loved. Sabina, who passed away 11 August 2000, will be remembered as a woman of great integrity, mighty faith and serene godliness.

Richard Wurmbrand in Australia

In August 1969, Richard Wurmbrand arrived in Sydney in response to an invitation issued by Ambassadors for Christ. For a month, he preached in meetings held all over Australia. Australian Christians warmly responded to his plea to ‘remember the persecuted.’ The meetings led to the founding of Voice of the Martyrs in Australia. The first Australian newsletter was published in November 1969. We praise God that VOM Australia has experienced constant growth from the beginning and is currently moving into ever enlarging projects to serve the persecuted church around the world.


Romania Reborn; Ethical Adoptions, Fostering, and Child Sponsorship

screen-shot-2016-10-06-at-12-42-17-pmscreen-shot-2016-10-06-at-12-42-55-pmHealing Broken Hearts.

If we had to choose just one “top moment of 2014,” it would be this. Yes, it’s a rather boring photo. But what’s happening here is the culmination of years of vision, prayer, and planning. These are Romanian foster and adoptive parents gathering to receive much-needed spiritual encouragement, as well as practical training to help their children heal from the scars of abandonment.

THIS IS HUGE. No conference of this kind had ever been held in Romania, and the ripple effects are ongoing. God is moving. He is beginning something new in this country — something beyond our regional efforts to rescue and place children.

We invite you to be a part of this new “orphan care movement” — as well as supporting our ongoing work of changing individual lives. Your gift TODAY will do both these things (and it’s not too late to get a tax deduction for 2014!). You can give here:

Thank you!