”Come Find Me” a Documentary by Noriflorentina Vito

This film depicts an authentic journey of the heart.

A very brave woman searches for answers as she seeks to uncover the truth about her adoption from Romania and to find her birth family.

Following the Romanian Revolution of 1989, Western media uncovered approximately one hundred thousand abandoned children living in institutions where death, disease and abuse were the norm.

Parents from countries such as England, Ireland, America, Canada, Germany, Australia and New Zealand, travelled to Romania to adopt these children in the hope of giving them a better life.

In the early 1990’s, there were estimates of approximately 1,000 children a week being adopted internationally.

Many of these children were not orphans but were abandoned by their parents due to poverty. 

The surge in International Adoptions led to widespread unethical practices, corruption and human trafficking.

In response, the Romanian government implemented stricter adoption laws and regulations and subsequently introduced a ban on International Adoptions in 2001.

This ban was lifted in 2005, but the process of International Adoption from Romania is long and complex and restricted to couples where one of the couple is Romanian or single women who are Romanian. 

Link to watch the story below:


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